06 January 2012

Fleur Depot de Pain

Yesterday we visited the Fleur Depot de Pain (love the name!) for the second time.

It has a great feel about it, with big wooden tables and cute old-fashioned chairs.

For early January it was quite busy and it can be a bit noisy inside so we bravely decided to sit outside... but the wild winds of Melbourne quickly forced a retreat back inside, where we found a table towards the back.

The staff weren't super friendly, but they were efficient and the food arrived relatively quickly.

I had the Croque Monsieur which was lovely and buttery with generous amounts of gruyere and ham - the perfect treat for a day when I was feeling a bit under the weather! Although I was a little jealous of Cathy's leek quiche which smelt divine...

I finished off with a piece of the pistachio crumble which I was a bit disappointed in - if I'm going to be bad and have cake with lunch, I want it to be worth the calories, so forgive me if I'm a little over-critical of my sweets! I guess for crumble I expect there to be a contrast in the texture - soft pastry, warm goooy middle and slightly crunchy top. This one, although the elements were reasonably tasty, was the same texture all the way through - and I'm sure being served cold did it an injustice.

Overall, I'd say lunch was a delightful French-ish break from the everyday trappings of St Kilda Road.

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